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New Media Relations Strategies for 2013

Every PR professional is headache about the new year planning for media relations, digital relations. Here’s the strategies inforgraphic for reference.

Some points to note:

  • 85% of adults use the Internet.
  • Two‐thirds of those online use the “cloud”
  • Forrester Research reports that over 70% are active in social networks
  • Connections are faster, mobile and focused on outside servers and storage
  • The Internet is the third most popular source for news, trailing behind local and national television, but ahead of newspapers and radio broadcasts
  • Almost two‐thirds (61 percent) of people get news online and 68% have watched a video news story online. ( or in HK?)

*How these affect new Media Relations strategies?

Media outlets need images, audio and video for their websites


>>>Social press room is needed.<<<

  1. make the press release relevant for search engines and interesting to the people who find and read them online
  2. Releases have to be shareable so that people can pass them along to friends in social networks
  3. a resource for digital journalists and bloggers who are always on the lookout for fresh content

Visual Storytelling is the key

Images + Video

Source: Press Feed


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